You Can Now Download Adobe Creative Suite 2 Legally For Free

Adobe are letting users download the entire Creative Suite 2 for free, including serial numbers from today or individual programs like Photoshop CS2.

Adobe Creative Suite 2Anyone wishing to download the entire Creative Suite for free or just individual programs like Photoshop CS2 just have to head over to Adobe and download whatever you wish. You are required to register first, but that is also free. This is a huge giveaway from Adobe and is already proving to be a hit as the servers are really taking a beating at the moment. If you are unable to access the site, just give it a while and try again.

The complete list of programs that have been made freely available from the Adobe site are as follows:

  • Acrobat 3D 1.0 for Windows
  • Acrobat Standard 7.0
  • Acrobat Pro 8.0
  • Audition 3.0
  • GoLive CS2
  • Illustrator CS2
  • InCopy CS2
  • InDesign CS2
  • Photoshop CS2
  • Photoshop Elements 4.0/5.0
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

All of the programs listed above will work fine for Windows machines (Windows 2000 and above with min PIII+) although I can’t confirm the same with all versions of Mac OS.

Adobe officially disabled the activation server for CS2 products and Acrobat 7 on December 13th 2012.


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